"Chaga" the Antioxidant Magic To Mrs. Claws Chagalate 

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Mrs Claws' CHAGALATE comes in many rich and dreamy flavors like: 

-Milk Chagalate

-Organic Dark Chagalate - 72% Dark

-Dark Chagalate with Cranberries, Blueberries, Nuts  ( peacans and peanuts) and Sea Salt


-Heavenly White Chagalate

-Heavenly White Chagalate with Caramel and Macadamia Nuts

Variety Pack: Comes with All 5 Delicious Chaga Infused chocolate flavors.




 Mrs. Claws Chocolate Bar

These statements regarding Chagalate have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Mrs Claws Chocolate Bar makes no medical claims and our Chagalate is sold only as a an herbal supplement infused into chocolate.

 This beauty is called Chaga, formally known as inonotas obliquus. It is found in extremely cold climates....exactly Alaska! Chaga is a type of mushroom that grows on some birch trees and is harvested in the frosty and frozen winter climate when the conditions are perfect. 

Chaga is so wonderful and scientific research has indicated that it is so particularly beneficial to the health of the young and old, that Santa thought it would be a good idea to put it in some of our best chocolates! ... and so Mrs. Claws got to work in the kitchen and CHAGALATE was born!

CHAGALATE is a tasty and healthy treat for everyone of all ages to enjoy!

Chaga is pretty magical in that scientists have been closely watching and studying it's amazing healing properties. It is said to support the human Immune System and have soothing properties for Diabetis, Arthritis, Gout

Ulcers and Gastritis.

Due to its possible immune-boosting powers, chaga has been used for centuries to support gastrointestinal health in other cultures. 

Chaga has been used to normalize Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels, provide DNA Damage Protection as well as ward of sickness and protect against viruses. It contains thousands of antioxidants and Scientific research points to the possibilities that it may even be beneficial in fighting cancer!

So what are the components in chaga that are said to provide all these health benefits?


Beta-D-Glucans regulate the immune system. They also beneficially regulate cholesterol and blood sugar.


Chaga contains polysaccharides. Polycaccharides provide energy, positive mood enhancement, heart health, intestinal and liver health, and promote NORMAL blood sugar levels for diabetics! Which is a spectacular super power!


Chaga sclerotium contains valuable amounts of the natural pigment called melanin. Melanin has phenominal antioxidant levels due to the amazing and spectacular amount of polyphenols it contains. Chaga has the highest antioxidant of any superfood. PERIOD

Super Oxide Dismutase

 These enzymes protect our body like armour against the destructive free radicals we face daily!


Present in chaga are the wonderful Phytosterols! Full of power, Chaga is made up of 45% Lanosterol, 25% Inotodiols and the remaining 30% of Chaga's Phytosterols consist of Ergosterol.

Phytosterols have been linked to a direct effect on fighting cancer cells like a Viking Warrior. 

Betulin and Betulinic Acid

these are therapeutic "Worker Elves" that are are gaining attention for their effects on cholesterol levels.