Mrs. Claws Chocolate Bar

A delightful Wedding Photo done in White Chocolate

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Arctic Chagalate Blueberry Macadamia Bars

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Chagalate Truffles and Bon Bons made with Arctic Chaga

Sugar Free Gourmet Chocolates

At Mrs.Claws Chocolate Bar our goal is to turn your chocolate vision into reality. We can create custom boxed chocolates using your favorite photos, logos and drawings and create chocolate truffles in flavors that dreams are made of. 

We offer Chaga infused chocolate "Chagalate", Sugar Free Chocolates, Paleo and Low Carb Chocolate, Organic Chocolate and Custom Dark Chocolate.We also offer our very own signature hot cocoa for purchase in house.

We brew fresh, locally roasted North Pole Coffee daily including Santa's Blend and St. Nickerdoodle. We serve up  fresh homemade hot cocoa using artisan methods and we create hot chagalate drinks made from our delicious chocolate and locally harvested Arctic Chaga.

Our purpose is simply to create a unique chocolate and delicious experience! 

Start with the best

We start with the best ingredients! Our chocolate is 100% sustainably cultivated, and comes mainly from the Caribbean and South America. Our salt is the finest in the world! We use Alaskan Pure Sea Salt From the Gulf of Alaska. We use local Birch products and our molds were custom made in Europe. We start with local ingredients we can be proud of to create a product you will thoroughly enjoy.

Where the magic happens

Our manufacturing space originated in North Pole, Alaska but is now currently located in Fairbanks, Alaska. We will always maintain the "Spirit of North Pole" and Santa will always be part of the adventure.

Stop by and watch us make your chocolate. Order up a locally roasted North Pole Coffee Roasting Co. drink, a handcrafted cocoa or a hot Arctic Chagalate. It's very easy to find a custom box of chocolate for someone special in your life! 

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​​About Our Company

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